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God and Aliens

Vergil sighed as he looked over the essay he had been working on since the beginning of the semester.

“Why do you even bother?  You know they’re wrong.” Vergil heard behind him.  He turned to find his brother leaning against his door frame.

“Dante, when will you cease with your ridiculous fantasies.” Vergil said as he sighed in frustration.

“I’m telling you it was real.  It really happened!” Dante said as he raked a hand through his hair.

“Of course, of course.” Vergil said as he shook his head.  He tuned his brother out as Dante continued to go on about his… experience.

“I’m serious Vergil.  I was taken by those things.  They were studying me, but I was able to get away while still aboard their ship.  I even took a piece of their tech with me to prove to myself I’d been there.” Dante shouted at his brother.

“Really now?” Vergil said as he stopped his editing of his paper and turned in his swivel chair to look at Dante. “You have a piece of their ‘tech’.” He said using his fingers to do air quotes.

“YES, I have their tech!” Dante said exasperated.  “Hold on…” Dante turned and left the room quickly only to return a few seconds later with an object in his hands.

“See, this is one of the tablet computer things they were using to study me with.  They thought I was completely under, but I don’t think they accounted for my weight when they tried to knock me out.” Dante said as he held out what looked to be a clear sheet of glass outlined with a silver metallic substance.  There appeared to be not buttons on the item anywhere.  The glass within the outline was completely clear.

Veril furrowed his brow and took the item from his brother.  He scowled as he grew angry and shoved the item back into his brother’s hands.  “How dare you!  You know that this priesthood is what I have always wanted and you’ve been against it every step of the way.  I’m so close to becoming a priest and you’re trying to pull this stunt to keep me from completing my courses.”

“No! That’s not why I’m doing this.  I’m serious.  This is no stunt!  What if I was able to get the thing to work.  It might show us what they were studying.  I don’t know why they’re studying and I would like to know!”  Dante defended himself.

“And do you propose to get it working?  There are no ports on the thing to get power to it.  What? Are we supposed to wave our hands over it and it’ll turn on?”  Vergil said frustrated as he tried to show Dante how ridiculous the idea was.  If only that hadn’t worked.

As Vergil’s hand passed over the glass it began to hum in Dante’s hand and both brothers looked down at the glass.  Characters and symbols flew across the screen, though none were readable.

“What the hell is this thing saying,” Dante asked as he rotated the glass screen trying to figure out which way was up.  “Hey show us what they’re studying.” Dante demanded.

“Dante, you idiot, it doesn’t work that way I’m sure.” Vergil rebuked as he shook his head.  He watched as the screen did not respond to his brothers commands.  “You probably have to say something like:  Show results.”

“Or something like that,” he mumbled the last.

It was then that the tablet let out a wailing screech and the brothers covered their ears as it caused their minds to feel like it was being raked across with nails. But as Dante covered his ears he dropped the tablet.

“ENGLISH, DAMNIT!” Dante screamed at the thing, and suddenly the screeching stopped.  Dante uncovered his ears, “I don’t hear anything.” He said to Vergil who had taken his hands off of his own ears.

“What?” Vergil shouted back at Dante.

Dante shakes his head and holds up his hand to tell Vergil not to speak.  Dante then picked up the screen and shook his head, hoping it would return some of his hearing to him.

“Wait? What did it just say?” Vergil asked as he came to stand beside Dante.

“I don’t know, what you just said is the first thing I’ve heard since that damn thing screeched at us.” Dante ranted, but he sighed and tried to listen closely.

The brothers could hear a male voice coming from tablet, and it was indeed speaking English.

“The experiment has been both a success and a failure.  The Humans have continued to develop but they wage wars constantly and their societies have become stagnant.  The Humans seem to be a very hostile race, though we are not certain how the aggressiveness developed when such things were taken out during genetic development…”

“Stop!” Vergil shouted.  “No, this can’t be right.”

“I told you that the whole God thing was shit…”  Dante sighed.


Author’s Note:  Okay, so first and foremost I would like to point out that I am not against God or religion in general.  I’m actually a Christian myself, though after this post there will be many people who might protest that.  I just wanted to finish this story with an interesting twist.


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