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The Forbidden

Meg couldn’t believe she’d found such a perfect place. The old theater had been abandoned for as long as she could remember, but she had never thought the place would be the solution to her problems.

“You’ve got to get rid them,” Meg’s husband growled angrily as he threw one of her stuffed bears at her. “You have far too many of them, and I can’t put up with it anymore. Either they go, or I do.” He’d said ultimately.

Meg had looked on with concern and bewilderment. She couldn’t understand that after a year of being married and living with her stuffed animal obsession, why her husband would suddenly be in an uproar. She supposed that she may have a few more than she needed.

Meg and her husband lived in a two story house in a little town out in the middle of nowhere. As Meg had gone through each of the five bedrooms in the house and her office, she began to understand why Roger, her husband, was a little upset about her stuffed animals. She hadn’t realized how many of them she’d had. But as Meg began going through her collection, she could not bring herself to part with them.

These were her babies, some of which she still had from her childhood.  Meg had gone through quite a few rough patches, and with her animal fur allergies she had never been allowed to have a pet.  That was when Meg’s obsession with stuffed animals had begun.  She had continued to collect them through every season and holiday.  They had been her cuddle partners when her parents had gotten divorced.  They had been with her through her lonely times of when her mother had died and she’d gone to live with her father.  These were only a few of the events that she had gained such great comfort from her stuffed animals.  These were only a few of the reasons why she couldn’t give them away.

Thankfully Meg’s husband was a computer programmer in the city nearby and so made quite a great deal of money from his job.  Even so Meg had continued her work at the bookstore.  Her husband had no problem with her keeping the money she’d made for her own endeavors.  And so, Meg had saved each penny she’d earned until she’s had enough to buy the old run down theatre.

Meg had gotten a bargain for the theatre.  The previous owned had had no desire to keep it.  The old theatre had been nothing but a money drain for him.  One of the reasons the theater had not done so well, had been because there weren’t enough patrons going to it. But for once, Meg was happy that the old theatre had closed down.  Now she had a place to stash her stuffed animals.

Every couple of days she would tell her husband that she was going to the theatre.  Of course he believed she was going to the city to see a movie, which was not the case.  Meg would park behind the theatre so her husband wouldn’t see her car, should he ever happen to drive by it while she was there.

It was on one such day that Meg had taken her usual drive to the theatre.  She remember her husband was to be working late tonight, so Meg would just pop into the theatre and snuggle some of her stuffed animals then head home to make dinner.  Her week had been busy since college had started back.  Meg had had been called into work everyday save for today, so she hadn’t been able to visit her babies as uaual.

As Meg pulled into the back of the theatre, she noticed a car was parked in her usual spot.  Meg’s brow furrowed in confusion.  She parked beside the car and stayed seated as she looked over the car.  “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that was Roger’s…  but that can’t be right.  It can’t be his.  It must be someone else’s, there are quite a few other cars that look like his around town.”  Meg thought as she shook her head and got out of her car.

Meg went around to the back of the car to look at the license plate and her heart stopped.

“This Roger’s license plate.  He had that specially made for his car.  What is he doing here…?  Did he find out?  Oh, he’s going to so angry with me.  This is going to be bad.”  Meg thought nervously as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Meg strengthened her resolve and made her way into the theatre.  As she approached one of the gallerias she heard an usual moan coming from the room.

Meg stopped outside of the door, wondering what was going on inside.  Meg sighed and stood up straight and pushed open the door to a scene that she’d never would have expected.

There was Roger, naked and sweaty, grinding against her large stuffed bear that was almost as the size of an average human.

Meg remained silent, unable to make her mind wrap around what she was seeing.  She heard Roger’s moaning and grunting become more frequent and she knew he was almost done.  Meg’s mind screamed at her to leave, that she was watching something private.  But even as part of her shouted for her to leave, another part raged against what her husband was doing to her beloved babies.

Meg’s thoughts were broken as she heard Roger let out a strangled cry and fell against the stuffed animals, his breath leaving him in gasps.

Meg’s eyes began to water as she clamped her hand against her mouth.  “How could you!”  She screamed.

Meg watched as Roger shrieked and turned toward her, trying to cover himself.

“Meg?  What… what are you doing here?  Why are you here?”  Roger said in between gasps as  he began gathering his clothing and fighting to quickly put them on.

“What am I doing here?  What are YOU doing here?  Why are you having sex with my stuffed animals!” Meg screamed at him as she cried.  “Why are you having sex with my babies!”

Roger’s face paled as he stopped buttoning his shirt and looked a little closer at the stuffed animals around him.  “These… these are yours?” He said as the horrific truth dawned on him.  “I told you to get rid of them, that they had to go.”  Roger yelled.

“And I did get rid of them, just not how you wanted.  They were out of the house and I still got to keep them, but you…” Meg heaved in a breath.  “You violated them.  How could you?”  She whispered, though in the quiet of the galleria Roger heard her clearly.

Roger began to panic.  “Meg please.  Please, I’m sorry.   I have this…”  Roger stopped as he searched for the right word, “obsession with soft fuzzy things, stuffed animals especially.  They’re just so soft that I can’t help myself.”  Roger tried to explain.

“No.” Meg said as she began to back away from the door.  “I can’t do this…”  And with that Meg fled.

Roger’s head dropped as he watched her leave.  It was over between them, and he was powerless to fix this problem.


Author’s Note:  This was an odd story to write.  I am thinking of doing a sequel to it, but haven’t quite made up my mind yet.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this one and the others.


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