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Sensing a theme here…

And the theme is new things!!

So I’m a Glass Explorer.

For those of you who don’t know, Google has come up with a new product which is currently still in beta.  It’s called Google Glass.  

It’s an amazing piece of technology and I love it.  I can get my texts, emails, phone calls, and my music on this little device.


Me wearing Sky (Blue) Glass

Me wearing Sky (Blue) Glass

I’ve added a new app to it.  It’s called Lynxfit.  I will put a link to the site in my post, so you can check it out if you’re curious.  It’s a genius app, but I would like to add that it is only for Glass.

Lynxfit is a fitness and workout app.  It’s an incredible software that’s still in beta at this moment.  There are about 6 workouts available on the site to subscribe to.  To start the app you need to bring up the screen and say “Ok Glass”  then “start a workout”.  Then you just choose what workout you want to do, if you have more than one that you have subscribed to, and tap it.  For the time, you will see a video of how to do the workouts.  What’s really nice is that it not only shows you a front facing of how to do the work out, but what your side should look like too.  This is to help you understand how to do the work out correctly.

I JUST finished my first workout and dear God am I already hurting…  But you know what they say about workouts, no pain no gain.  Which I always felt was a funny saying… I don’t want to gain anything… That’s why I’m working out… TO LOSE WEIGHT.  

Though, I know that’s not what that phrase means.  The phrase is used in relation to building muscle.

I’m currently doing the newbie track, which I am not cut out for.  

My husband has been using the app for a month now and really seems to like it.  Plus it seems he’s starting lose his tummy he got after having moved in with me. 😀

What?  It’s not my fault… The man had no self control.  😀

Anyways, I foresee a lot more pain my way.  But I will endure it.  There are few items of clothing that I would love to wear, but I won’t until I have the body for it.  *sigh* 

So I will continue to use the app and give Lynxfit the feedback they need for any tweaks that might be needed.  There does seem to be some issue with it counting my push ups…

Check out Lynxfit!


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