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Maybe She’s Just Not That Into You… Err… Me…

An odd title for me to have for this post, I’m sure.

I have noticed over the years how I’ve lost all my friends I had in school or college.

I’m actually at a point in my life where I really don’t have any friends.  No one to hangout on the weekend with or share gossip with, not that I actually gossip… Guess I should say geek out with.  And I really miss having a female friend…

I thought that I’d had a friend to geek out with, but it’s become a bust.

I’ve tried asking her out to hang and have been shut down each time.  No mind you, I don’t have the best timing, but this last thing I’d told her about a couple of months in advanced… She’d initially said yes, but it’s now a no.

Which is fine.  We all have our own lives to live… I just miss having a friend to go out with and talk to… I really don’t have anyone like that and it’s rather depressing…

When I was in elementary school, I had my first guy friend.  He and I were always hanging out and going over to each others houses.  His name was Donzel Council.  Then when my Dad passed away, we moved to SC and for the first couple of years in school there was a lonely hell until I was finally I got into the 9th grade. In high school I had that one friend that I would always hang out with again, but this time it was a girl.  She was with me for almost everything.  Her name was Amanda.  And when she wasn’t with me I did have another friend that I could spend time with, her name was Christie. And then after high school, we all ended up going our separate ways.  Amanda got married soon after and had a kid.  Her life was full with her kid and husband, understandably.  So we ended up drifting away.  It was soon after that that I made friends with one of my coworkers, Liz.  I still talk to her every once and awhile.

I really miss hanging out with her.  She is a wonderful person.  But we’ve drifted apart as well, this time it’s my fault though.  I moved to the other side of the country, so we don’t hang out.  And now for almost 2 years I haven’t had any real friends.

Now I’m not saying that I don’t have friends, but you know what I mean when I say real friends.  A real friend is someone that is there for you through your life, and you’re there for them through their life as well.  That someone you can hang out with, and you could say nothing at all and still have a blast.

I really just want to find a real true friend.  That person who could be your sister or brother because you are kindred spirits.

How many friends have we all lost through out our lives because we’ve left or they left or life just got in the way.  I’m here to tell you now.  Don’t let your friends go, your real friends.  They are far and few in between.  And sometimes once you lose them, there’s no getting them back.


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