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One week into 2015 and…

So we’re a week into the New Year, and I have to say I’m not too disappointed in myself… yet. 😀

I made some resolutions and here are my results thus far:

  1. Finish The Eye of Elianah BEFORE November (NaNoWriMo)
    1. This one is a little harder but I have written a short story using the characters from my book, meaning it could be editted later and added to it
  2. Lose 50 – 60 lbs
    1. I haven’t lost any weight just yet.  I’m working on getting everything set up so that my plan to get healthy is fail proof
    2. I have a weakness for pasta and so to help me break my dependence on carbs, I’ve bought a vegetable slicer that will cut veggies into pasta like strings
    3. I’ve also been grabbing as many keto recipes that will help me with my cravings for carbs and sugars.
  3. Finish 2 stories, aside from my book
    1. I’ve posted one of the stories on one of the my blogs so that I’ll be able to post to it like I do my main blog.
  4. Get certified as a DBD, DBA at the least (My job is as a DBD though. :P)
    1. I’ll be starting a Data Science specialization from Coursera Feb. 2
  5. Post to my blog once a week (Twice if I’m feeling froggy. :D)
    1. I’ve posted 3 times since the New Year began! (With this being my 4th post actually. :D)
  6. Do Twitch broadcast once a week
    1. I’ve done my Twitch cast for last week, still need to do the one for this week
      1. I’ll be starting a new playthrough of DA:I with a female qunari.  I’ll cast it from start to finish. 😀
  7. Get everything set up for my Charm making hobby.
    1. Haven’t gotten this started yet…  I still need to get business cards and set up my Etsy and put up my charms on there…
  8. Get rid of some/all of my debt
    1. I’ve been making steady payments (have many set up automatically) and trying to avoid using my CC. O.o
  9. Be more active in the Tech and Women in Tech communities
    1. I may be heading the new Baltimore Glass Group if no one else takes over.
  10. Be more independent
    1. This one is sorta ambiguous, but considering the strides I’ve made in the other resolutions I  believe this is coming along as well
  11. Take a day out for me each month
    1. Still a little early for this one. 😀

So, what do you think?  How am I doing?


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