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Update… No I didn’t die… Maybe

Hi everyone!  I want to apologize for being away so long.

It’s been almost 9 months, geez… And no… I didn’t have a baby. 😛

But a lot has been happening to me since the last time I posted anything here.  I’ve been horribly busy.  I don’t know how this continues to happen to me… Or how things seem to slip my mind so often…

I have continued writing, is the first thing I want to say.  I have a writing group that I host and adore going to.  And I’ve actually added another meeting for it to take place a little further out so more people can attend who couldn’t go to the first meeting because it’s too far for them.

But the writing group has been going very well, I’m happy to report.  We had our largest turn out this past Sunday since the first meeting.  The funny thing is, this past Sunday’s meeting was thrown together at the last moment.  I hadn’t been able to make some of the meetings because of either work or recovering from when I recently sprained my spine.

Yes I did just say I sprained my spine… I didn’t realize that that could actually happen to me.  And the stupid thing is it happened while I was sitting in my chair.  I just leaned back in my chair, not much mind you, and it felt like I’d snapped my spine in half.  Needless to say that though it was 3:30 pm and I was still supposed to be working I took the rest of the day off.  Couple days of barely coping with the pain had me going to the doc to find out I had what seems to be a Muscular Skeletal Sprain, i.e. I sprained my back.

I’m doing better.  My back still doesn’t like it though if I sit in a chair for 8+ hours at a time, it’s very uncomfortable.  But I’ll be going for an MRI next week to make sure I didn’t permanently damage anything.  I’m sure it’ll turn out fine. 😀

On a sadder note, one thing that’s left me scrambling with life is my dear sister’s condition.  I have a half sister whom I adore and couldn’t love more even if we shared both parents. 😛

She was pregnant, which was a blessing, but she had to give birth early due to her health.  Fluid had kept building up on her lungs.  She gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little red headed girl named Adelaide in April, my sister is not a red head I’d like to point out.  In the following days and weeks we found out that my sister had been diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy.  It’s a rare disease that strikes women when they’re pregnant and it’s even rarer for the women who do get it to go into Congestive Heart Failure.  Did I ever mention that my family is known for having the worst luck ever… My sister whom I love so much went into CHF.  It hasn’t been easy for her or any of our family there.  I have my grandmother, aunt, cousin(nephew don’t ask), brother, sister-in-law, and 2 more nephews who all live up there.  My aunt and cousin(nephew) have been taking care of my sister and little Addie, whom my husband has nickname Little Lady while Addie’s mother (my sister) calls her Little Cheeto (you can see why in the picture below, she’s holding a wooden flute btw).

Little Lady with a FluteMy sister is still, since April, trying to get a new heart but hurdles keep throwing themselves at her.  But she has been a champ going through or over them however she can.  If I could, I’d give her my heart.

I will leave you with one last thing, as my eyes are threatening to spill unshed tears that I refuse to let fall.  She has a gofund me page.  If you see it in your heart to give, thank you, if you can’t then still thank you for taking time to read my blog, though I’ll be surprised if you made it down this far.

Thank you.  And I will begin posting the stories I’ve written during my writing group later today.  One will be posted every couple of days.  Thank you again.


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