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Pyramid Tour

Mary hurried through the bustling marketplace, passing the bubbling fountain and almost knocking over one the cabbage carts as she made her way.

“Cabbage? In a place like this?” She thought. “That’s odd.”

Wiping sweat from her brow, she pulled out the map she had bought from one of the locals and cursed as she looked around the market square and look back at the map. She had no idea where she was. Of all days to get lost in an exotic city, she wished it hadn’t been today.

Mary loved going to cities all over the world and just spending days in them. She would go and walk all day, seeing everything in the area that she could. Then at night she would seek a place to stay. The next day she would move on to a different part, and again at night she would look for an inn in the new area she’d been exploring. Mary rarely stayed at the same hotel, inn, or motel more than once. She didn’t like staying in one place for very long especially when there was still so much she hadn’t seen and could see.

But Mary was supposed to go on a tour of one of the Egyptian pyramids, and she needed to find the office where her tour guide would be waiting for her.

“You must be on time,” she remembered them telling her. “No refunds!”

Margaret cringed as she looked at her watch, she had 5 minutes to get to the office or she’d never get to see the pyramids. This particular company was the best when it came to the knowledge their tour guides held of the ancient stone marvels. And so they were always booked. It had taken Margaret months to get a spot in calendar, she wouldn’t miss this chance.

Seizing one of the locals she spoke flawless Egyptian and was finally pointed into the directions of the office, 5 minutes later she was standing inside the small foyer waiting to speak to the receptionist.

“Yes,” the woman drawled.

“I’m Mary Margaret, her for my tour of the Pyramids.”

The receptionist sighed and looked Mary over with disinterest. “Have a seat, the tour guide will be with you in a moment.”

Thirty minutes later Mary’s tour guide walked out garbed in the clothes of ancient Egypt. He bowed to her and offered her a hand up. “I am Set.” He said simply and started toward the door.

Mary had been about to introduce herself when he had abruptly let. “Oh well,” she thought, “at least I’m still getting a tour.”

Set said nothing the entire drive to the pyramids. Mary was starting to get skeptical about how knowledgeable the company had said their guides were.

“We are here,” he spoke. Mary blushed as she realized she had been staring, well glaring actually, at Set the entire drive. But if he had noticed, he’d said nothing about it.

Set proved his knowledge as they began the tour, to Mary’s relief, though he gave the all the information dispassionately. Mary was beginning to wonder if he had any emotions at all. He spoke of the ancient Pharaoh who had commissioned the building of the particular pyramid they were touring.

As they continued through the pyramid, Mary studied the hieroglyphs that decorated the wall. She had been studying hieroglyphs and the chance to actually see them made her giddy.

“Wait,” She said suddenly, stopping to study one wall.

Set’s eyes widened but Mary didn’t notice this first sign of emotion from the tour guide.

“There’s a piece missing from this wall. Did the scientist ever find it?” She questioned.

“There is no piece missing,” Set said bluntly.

“Yes there is. You can exactly where wall cracked and there is an obvious square missing right here.” Mary said as she pointed at the wall.

“So,” Set said as he crossed his arms over his chest, “You can see past the illusion.” He smiled, and for once Mary wished he wasn’t showing emotions. The smile was not a good smile and it chilled her to her bones.

“There are not many who can see the missing part.” Set pulled a stone from his pocket, and Mary could see that it was the same size as the piece that was missing. She could also see that there looked to be an L painted on it.

“Why do you have that?” She asked nervously as she backed away, her back becoming flush with the wall.

“Ah, I love how you Humans get into the exact position I need without being ordered to.” Set laughed.

Mary tried to run but felt that couldn’t move. “Humans?” She gritted out?

I would just like to add that the cabbage cart is a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender. 😀 And below is the prompt that spawned this piece.



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