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Changes Coming to the Blog

In the coming days I’ll be fixing the posts that have appeared on this blog.  I will also be doing what I had promised so long ago, writing tech posts.

I will be setting up a schedule of what is to come in the month.  Most of the blog posts will be my writing or life updates, but once a month I’ll add two new posts.  One will be a tech review, the other will be a game review.

I would also like to point out that I will be linking, updating, and rebranding my wordpress blog (and hopefully upgrading it, if I can get the money together to do so) and my youtube channel.

That’s right, I have a youtube channel.  You can find it here:  My Youtube Channel. It will mostly be let’s plays of different video games, but I’m looking to expand it as well into writing, unboxings, and tech.

I have a wonderful friend I hope to coerce into making art for my blog and youtube channel, not for free of course I intend to pay her if she’ll let me.  The youtube channel will be rebranded as Woman, Wine, and Gaming and the wordpress blog will rebranded as Woman, Wine, and Writing.  Do you guys see a pattern forming here. 😀  Currently as I’m writing this, I’m drinking Paul Masson Peach Brandy which is absolutely delicious.  No it’s not wine, but it’s liquor.  You definitely need to try it.  It’s sweet, but not too sweet.  Well it’s not for me at least. 😀

I’m really excited about these changes taking place.  Now, I’m sure some of you are wondering what brought about this change, well maybe not.  I recently lost my stepfather who was always striving to make me the best version of myself possible and to go for my dreams.  He taught me that no matter how far or out of reach they seem to be, I could have them as long as I strove to be the best version of myself.

I will have a post about that coming out later.  Right now I’m still too heartbroken about it to write the post, but it will be coming.  He was too great a man for me not to write something to honor him.  But these changes are also a way for me to honor him as well.  My dream has always been to become an author, and I will make that dream a reality.

And to that, I will be looking into becoming a freelance writer and trying to get a job at Bethesda Software as a Quest Designer, no matter how long it takes or impossible it seems to achieve.

Loose Posting Schedule:
Life Update — Monthly
Tech Review (or New Tech to Watch) — Monthly
Game Review — Monthly
Short Stories — Twice A Week


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This entry was posted on December 15, 2015 by in Short Story.


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