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The Magician and the Apple

The apple contemplated why this had happened at all. It had been the perfect apple, and now it’s existence as at an end.

Everything had been fine, until the day the Magician had come into the park. The apple had thought it was safe high up in the tree. There were others apples had been lower down or grown so fat that their branches could no longer hold them. “Why would any respectable apple ever want to get so big?” The apple snickered at the thought.

The apple had been content listening to the fountain bubbling. The fountain was the home of beautiful koi swimming this way and that.

The apple had started as it heard a new sound, that of a Human humming. It had seen humans before, but not one dressed like this. The Human was tall and pale, with long black hair and eyes the brightest green it had ever seen. The Human wore black pants and boots, with a green shirt and antiqued gold vest over it. His coat was black with designs of green and gold on it.

Of course there were other humans about, but the apple had never seen this one before. It had seen the woman running around the paved trail. The man with his dog that he never cleaned up after. Another man whom took his children to the playground and laughed and played with them all day. There was another woman that would practice her archery on the targets she brought with her. But never before had it seen this new Human.

The apple watched in wonder as a child approached the new Human and pulled on his coat. The Human annoyed, looked down at the small child.

“What?” The new Human growled at the child.

“Can you do magic? You look like a Magician!! Do some magic!! Please!!! Please!! Please!!”

The new Human let loose a bolt of lightning from his hand and the candy the child had had turned into dice. The child cried and ran away while the new Human smiled.

Finally the Magician looked up. “There you are,” whispered into the wind as he spotted the apple high in the tree. The Magician climbed the tree and plucked the apple from the tree and jumped back down.

The apple wondered what was next, would this Human eat it like the others had down to the other apples.

The Magician clucked his teeth as saw the archer. He ran to her, “Just how good are you? Can you even shoot this apple from the same distance you do those large targets. I bet you can’t.”

The woman became indignant. “Place the apple.” She said as she glared at him.

“Will do,” he smiled. And he ran to place the apple.

This is it, the apple thought. The woman loosed arrow. As the arrow struck, a bright light flowed out of the apple. Once the light had abated, there stood a woman.

“Loki, took you long enough to get me out…” She breathed as she fainted.


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This entry was posted on April 15, 2016 by in Fantasy, Flash Fiction, Modern, Short Story.


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